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Read what magazines, websites, and critics around the world have to write about MindCandy Volume 1: PC Demos:

Rating: Recommended

“ Mindcandy explores a world that most viewers probably aren't familiar with. And even though the context is buried in the extras, the DVD does a good job of explaining what it is that makes these things worthwhile. ”
MikroBitti (March 2003 issue, Finland)

“ After three years of production, MindCandy Volume 1 brings 42 demos published in the last decade to the television screen in the form of DVD. The contributions of the demoscene culture are now exceptionally easy to use. The music video style productions do not require any setting up or tuning up computers. ” (English translation)
c't (June 2003 issue, Germany)

“ The B-side will give nostalgic people watery eyes: The pitiable EGA-graphics and squeaky music of the Space Pig's 'MegaDemo' shows impressively how much the PC-hardware has improved since then. The perfect synthesis of sound and graphics in the only three years younger Second Reality (Future Crew) is impressive even today. [...] The later demos often look like music videos: The programmers present themselves in a hip hop-look, and breakbeats pump in the soundtrack. Other demos show abstract animations, accompanied by spherical sounds. ” (English translation)

Rating: ****** (6 of 6)

“ What makes people just sit in front of their screen for hours, staring at sourcecode and for the 117th time try to optimize a routine to be just a bit faster than the other groups? This DVD gives you a good glimpse of the motivation to do so, besides delivering hours of fascinating visual effects. ” (English translation)
Static Line (Issue #42, January 2003) - Link to review

“ [...]then I got my disc. And the next three days were a blur. I ate almost every snackable item in the house. There is now a sunken spot in my couch. I must've seen that DVD about 5 times. And that's not counting the times I played some of my favorite demos. ”

“ The first impression is that the whole thing looks very professional. [...] When playing the dvd you should always have in mind that this dvd was realized with a quite small budget and that the makers were not able to buy or rent high end hardware. but probably you won't reach the quality of this dvd with your own hardware [unless] you have a professional studio (and you must be able to run all those old dos demos). ”

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