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Jim Leonard (Trixter) - Homepage

Jim "Trixter" Leonard started watching PC demos in 1990 and foolishly attempted to make them himself up until 1996, where his co-effort with Phred of OTM got 3rd place at NAID 1996. During and since, he was a maintainer of the coding area of The Hornet Archive, got married, started a family, and generally settled down into Real Life(tm). In his spare time, he's drawn on his long history of PC gaming to co-create, an all-platform gaming documentation project. Occasionally he pontificates about various areas of oldskool PC gaming at Another love has been creating digital video on personal computers, which he's dabbled in since 1993, so a DVD of demos seemed a logical choice to weld those two passions together.
Andy Voss (Phoenix)

Andy (known in the demoscene as "Phoenix") became addicted to demos as soon as a high school friend gave him a disk of them in 1992. Later on, he was a musician for the pioneering tracker group Kosmic for a few years, then a demo reviewer for the Hornet Archive site. He's always believed in the social aspect of the demoscene, whether visiting local parties in the northeastern US or on the other side of the world, or just chatting on IRC channels like #pixel or #trax. Andy saw the MindCandy project as an opportunity to get back together with old Hornet groupmates, and help create something which hasn't quite been done before. This included spending several months tracking down every group featured on the DVD to get permission, and promotional appearances in Montreal and Helsinki. He also made this website. :)

Andy's sole music piece for the DVD appears on his own greetings screen.

Dan Wright (Pallbearer) - Homepage

Dan Wright first discovered demos around 1986 on his Commodore C-128 (in C-64 emulation mode of course). During the late 80's he created several C-64 demos that can be found on his Fusecon web page if you look in the right place. Dan caught a glimpse of his first "real" PC demo, Fishtro, during Spring of 1992. That summer he created the "Internet Demo Site" which later became known as Hornet. A couple years later, he released the first mixed-mode CD for the demoscene, called "Escape". This was followed up with a two CD release (audio/data) called "Freedom" (1995) and an audio CD co-produced with Imphobia called "audiophonik" (1999), containing songs from scene musicians. In 2002, Dan assisted with the financing, booklet art, and business aspect of producing the MindCandy Volume 1: PC Demos. He also has the laborous task of packaging and mailing all the DVD's. Dan lives in Oregon and works for a company that makes chips for projectors, TV's and LCD displays. In his spare time Dan likes to watch professional wrestling, football (American) and the occasional movie.


Jeremy Williams (Blue 7 Media) - Homepage

After stumbling upon Dan's seminal demo ftp site in 1992, Jeremy was hooked. He would become known campus-wide as the guy with the coolest "screensavers". From 1996-1998 he ran the PC Demo Fan Club web site where he shared opinions about the scene and introduced newcommers to it. Though that site has since falling into obscurity, the Demographics featurette on this DVD is a natural extention of Jeremy's unexplainable need to connect with regular people about the demo scene, and convince them it's the coolest thing in the history of the universe.

Jeremy also contributed music to the DVD. It can be heard in the credits screen and greetings screens for Stony and himself.


Pim van Mun (Stony) - Homepage

Pim "Stony" van Mun got interested in the demoscene in the late 80's. First non-PC demos, later on PC cracktros and intros/demos. He has been a member of several groups and joined Hornet in 1994. Besides being their graphician, he was a maintainer and reviewer for the Hornet archive. His graphics background is from the demoscene, and he is still active in graphical design and video-editing, mainly as a hobby. As many others he also was dragged back into Real Life and had to manage his time more efficiently to keep everybody (girlfriend, friends, family, work) happy. Since 1999, he is working as head of software development for a company in the Netherlands specialized in e-learning and online examination. Being less active in the demoscene these days, he really enjoyed working on the DVD with his friends to reexperience the true scene spirit.
Antti Jädertpolm (Fthr) - Homepage

Antti "fthr" Jädertpolm was invited to join the controversial "The Planet Of Leather Moomins" movement as the 2nd member back in 1995. From there on he has produced visual material (demographics, experimental screenplays, cardboard animals) for TPOLM with a unique style that has sometimes been compared to Leonard Cohen's 1977 album "Death Of A Ladies' Man". Currently living in a place that can be vaguely described as "Europe", Antti continues to supply companies, organisations, individuals and DemoDVD makers with psychosurreal digital collages that are sure to distract the targetted audience from the real meaning.
Roberto Christen (Xten)

Rob's involvement with demoscene CD/DVD projects dates back to art on the Freedom CD in 1995. For MindCandy, he created layouts for our promotional postcard and magazine advertisement. He gained notoriety through the infamous art group, iCE, and currently resides in California.


Andrew Sega (Necros/The Alpha Conspiracy) - Homepage

Andrew is a living legend in the American PC demoscene, having made some of the best known songs in Scream-, Impulse-, and even BuzzTracker. Today he still composes music, having released a CD under the name "Alpha Conspiracy" in 2001, called Cipher. His current music projects include upcoming albums for Alpha Conspiracy and the well-known Texas synthpop group, Iris. Residing in Austin, he is also a game programmer for Digital Anvil.

You can hear selections from the album Cipher in the featurette. An exclusive tune from Andrew appears in the chapter menu on side two of the DVD.

Jochen Feldkötter (Virgill) - Homepage

Jochen, much better known as Virgill, has a long history in demoscene music making. Since 1986, he has composed on many different platforms, including the C64, Amiga, PC, and Playstation. Music is just a hobby for him, but a great one. Jochen is from Ibbenbüren in Germany, near the city of Münster. In real life he is a teacher of electronics.

Virgill's music can be found in the chapter menu of the first side of the disc, as well as the greetings screens for Trixter and Dan.

Milan Kolarovic (Acumen) - Homepage

Milan Kolarovic, also known as "Acumen" in the PC demo-scene, has composed new age and electronic music since 1994. Despite his slavic name, Milan was born in Finland in 1980, where he has lived ever since. Influenced by such names as Enigma, Delerium, Vangelis, Moby, Prodigy, and Hans Zimmer, he has established a unique style and sound on his one-man journey to explore the audiovisual & musical world. He enjoys and gains motivation from all kinds of activities and experiences that are emotionally overwhelming and intense. Besides making music he nowadays also works on graphics and web-design.

Milan's music can be heard on the main and features menus on side one of the disc. It was previously used in the winning Assembly 2002 animation, "Project Kerosene".

Christopher Mann (r3cgm) - Homepage

Christopher Mann, alternatively known as Snowman and r3cgm, was a prolific contributor to the scene for many years. Introduced to demos and trackers in late 1992 from a local BBS in Ohio, he went on to form the demo group Hornet. Starting in 1993, he organized 6 annual competitions called Music Contest. These were held online, and had community-based judging rounds; MC6 received 385 verified entries from around the world. Christopher picked up a couple projects started by Dan Wright in 1994: DemoNews, and the Hornet Archive. Between 1994 and 1998, he produced 81 issues of the newsletter, as the archive grew in content from a couple hundred megs to 5.4 gigs. With the help of Walnut Creek CDROM and his groupmates, he produced the CDROMs Escape (1994), Freedom (1995), Hornet Underground vol. 1 and 2 (1996 and 1997), and Hornet MODs vol. 1 and 2 (1997). After retiring from the scene in 1998, Christopher went on to focus on Linux software development in the San Francisco area.

Christopher's music can be heard on the main and features menus on side two of the DVD.

Kenny Chow (C.C.Catch) - Homepage

Kenny became fascinated by computer generated music during junior high school when he played a SID composition on his C64. Shortly after, he heard his first C64 demo scene intro song. He was blown away completely! The only thing he had at the time was a twenty dollar Casio mini synth. He jammed away on the cheesy synth like he s the shit throughout junior high. He caused many years of discomfort, phonetically, for his family. He never did figure out how to create his own SID songs at the time. Several years passed by, and he bought his first 286 PC during high school. He purchased a copy of Adlib composer and began dabbling with FM music, thus began his first attempt at music composition. To the dismay of his family, another year of phonetic discomfort has begun. (More...)

Kenny contributed a song for the tribute to his former Renaissance groupmate, David "White Shadow" Cooper. It is a mixed-FM/digital piece in the ultra-rare 670 format, made in the early 90s but not released until now.

Erik Stridell (Zodiak)

Erik's demoscene career began when Cascada created a MOD-player for the PC in 1989 and his music could be heard by anyone with a homebuilt parallel-port D/A converter. He was also instrumental in bringing the early PC demoscene together with endless diskette-mailing back and forth over the world. Today Erik works in web technology and wishes he had more time to spend with his guitars. But he'll be back composing before you can say "Whacker Tracker". :)

Erik's tune on the DVD, "Gate 99 (Last Call)" appears in the "Other Titles" section on side one, and can be found in its entirety on the audiophonik CD, also available through Fusecon.

special thanks

Even more people than those above contributed to this DVD project. We must give our gratitude to those who appeared or contributed footage to the featurette, who helped spread word of the project, or who just gave us much needed motivation and moral support. They include but are not limited to:

Pascal Pochol, Jussi Laakkonen & Future Crew, Petri Lievonen & Halcyon, SynSUN, Alex Evans, Pauli Ojala, McKracken, Niklas Beisert, AssemblyTV, Bent Stamnes, Trine Aadalen Jensen, Adrian Wiedemann, Digital Stadium, Moonshine, PAiN, Hugi, Static Line, F.J. van Audenhove & Imphobia, taa, brj, John Leonard, Jay Vidheecharoen, and Jason Scott.

Additional thanks to all featured groups for granting us permission, all distributors for spreading MindCandy around the world, and the demoscene for keeping the spirit alive!

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