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side one: transcendental vistas

Some have argued that the PC demoscene is dead, but this side of the DVD proves them wrong. Windows has moved it into a new era, where aesthetics are more important than effects. If you're new to the world of demos, this is the side you should check out first. Many are as entertaining as animations, but you can also run them realtime on your PC! It is recommended you have at least Windows 98 (or newer), 128MB RAM, a 500MHz CPU, and a 3D video card supporting both DirectX and OpenGL, such as a GeForce or Radeon.

Art by Haujobb (2000) Broadband by T-Rex (2000) Chrome by Damage (2000) Enlight the Surreal by Noice (2000)

TitleGroupDownload (File Size)
Wonder Sunflower HTTP (US) FTP (US) FTP (Norway) (5.90 MB)
604 AND, Sly, SynSUN HTTP (US) FTP (US) FTP (Norway) (6.38 MB)
Kosmiset Avaruus Sienet Haujobb HTTP (US) FTP (US) FTP (Norway) (1.34 MB)
Further Moppi Productions HTTP (US) FTP (US) FTP (Norway) (4.36 MB)
Chrome Damage HTTP (US) FTP (US) FTP (Norway) (6.26 MB)
Volatile Addict HTTP (US) FTP (US) FTP (Norway) (1.28 MB)
Tesla Sunflower HTTP (US) FTP (US) FTP (Norway) (7.03 MB)
Broadband T-Rex HTTP (US) FTP (US) FTP (Norway) (5.86 MB)
Mikrostrange Haujobb HTTP (US) FTP (US) FTP (Norway) (6.96 MB)
Moral Hard Candy Blasphemy HTTP (US) FTP (US) FTP (Norway) (3.71 MB)
TE-2RB TPOLM HTTP (US) FTP (US) FTP (Norway) (3.92 MB)
Le Petit Prince Kolor HTTP (US) FTP (US) FTP (Norway) (7.59 MB)
Energia Sunflower HTTP (US) FTP (US) FTP (Norway) (6.02 MB)
Gerbera Moppi Productions HTTP (US) FTP (US) FTP (Norway) (9.31 MB)
Lapsus Maturefurk HTTP (US) FTP (US) FTP (Norway) (9.28 MB)
Enlight the Surreal Noice HTTP (US) FTP (US) FTP (Norway) (5.64 MB)
Experimental Wipe HTTP (US) FTP (US) FTP (Norway) (1.78 MB)
Live Evil Mandula HTTP (US) FTP (US) FTP (Norway) (6.94 MB)
The Nonstop Ibiza Experience Orange HTTP (US) FTP (US) FTP (Norway) (5.50 MB)
Codename Chinadoll HTTP (US) FTP (US) FTP (Norway) (7.17 MB)
Art Haujobb HTTP (US) FTP (US) FTP (Norway) (6.22 MB)
Kasparov Elitegroup HTTP (US) FTP (US) FTP (Norway) (4.20 MB)
Total Time (h:m:s) - 1:42:05

side two: kickin' it oldschool

Watch PC demos evolve, from simpler times in 1990 to artistic and technological maturity in 1998. This side is for the die-hard demosceners out there, who just can't get them running anymore! All demos from this side run under DOS, except Square, which is now available in a Windows version. Some will run under Windows 95/98/ME, but others will require a DOS-only boot. If you're running 2000 or XP, the DVD is your only real hope of watching them - although you're welcome to try the DOSBox emulator.

Panic by Future Crew (1992) X14 by Orange (1995) Paimen by COMA (1996) 303 by Acme (1997)

TitleGroupDownload (File Size)
Second Reality Future Crew HTTP (US) FTP (US) FTP (Norway) (2055 KB)
Megademo The Space Pigs HTTP (US) FTP (US) FTP (Norway) (297 KB)
Cronologia Cascada HTTP (US) FTP (US) FTP (Norway) (444 KB)
Unreal Future Crew HTTP (US) FTP (US) FTP (Norway) (1304 KB)
Amnesia Renaissance HTTP (US) FTP (US) FTP (Norway) (790 KB)
Panic Future Crew HTTP (US) FTP (US) FTP (Norway) (906 KB)
Crystal Dream 2 Triton HTTP (US) FTP (US) FTP (Norway) (2059 KB)
Show Majic 12 HTTP (US) FTP (US) FTP (Norway) (681 KB)
Verses Electromotive Force HTTP (US) FTP (US) FTP (Norway) (497 KB)
Dope Complex HTTP (US) FTP (US) FTP (Norway) (893 KB)
X14 Orange HTTP (US) FTP (US) FTP (Norway) (675 KB)
Stars: Wonders of the World Nooon HTTP (US) FTP (US) FTP (Norway) (1142 KB)
Reve Pulse HTTP (US) FTP (US) FTP (Norway) (964 KB)
Paimen COMA HTTP (US) FTP (US) FTP (Norway) (954 KB)
Inside CNCD HTTP (US) FTP (US) FTP (Norway) (2141 KB)
Megablast Orange HTTP (US) FTP (US) FTP (Norway) (2897 KB)
303 Acme HTTP (US) FTP (US) FTP (Norway) (3152 KB)
Saint Halcyon & Da Jormas HTTP (US) FTP (US) FTP (Norway) (941 KB)
Square Pulse HTTP (US) FTP (US) FTP (Norway) (1998 KB)
Riprap Exceed HTTP (US) FTP (US) FTP (Norway) (3936 KB)
Total Time (h:m:s) - 2:05:19

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