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Kenny became fascinated by computer generated music during junior high school when he played a SID composition on his C64. Shortly after, he heard his first C64 demo scene intro song. He was blown away completely! The only thing he had at the time was a twenty dollar Casio mini synth. He jammed away on the cheesy synth like he s the shit throughout junior high. He caused many years of discomfort, phonetically, for his family. He never did figure out how to create his own SID songs at the time. Several years passed by, and he bought his first 286 PC during high school. He purchased a copy of Adlib composer and began dabbling with FM music, thus began his first attempt at music composition. To the dismay of his family, another year of phonetic discomfort has begun. During his sophomore year in high school, a friend gave him an unregistered copy of Screamtracker 2. By now, he understood the basics of music composition, which happens to be a god-send for his family. Through the years, he learned many ways of manipulating sound through trackers. His skills slowly developed, but he did not notice at the time, because he was having so much fun just tracking. During those days, the Internet was considered a small entity and bulletin board systems where running rampant. He met a fellow music enthusiast by the name of Charles. Charles ran a fine BBS called Sound Barrier at the time, and Kenny was a regular user. Somehow, Kenny befriended Charles and received leech access (yeah baby!!!). He downloaded close to 90% of the song files off of Sound Barrier. Charles remained cool about it and made fun of Kenny instead of banning his sorry ass. Ray, a high school buddy, was introduced to Screamtracker by Kenny. Ray learned many tricks and was dishing out his own set of tunes; or as Ray likes to call them, choons . One day while waiting for the bus home, Ray suggested forming a music group similar to those on the Amiga demo scene. Kenny thought the idea was mad stupid, but suggested it to Charles anyway. Charles thought it was a great idea, but wanted to form a demo group instead. At which point, Kenny became excited. The idea of taking part in a demo group was thrilling! Here is his chance to be part of a group capable of making those neat C64 demos he used to love. Kenny wondered who would code all the demos. Charles told Kenny he knew a kickass coder. Charles pulled in a guy by the name of Tran. Tran was all into devil worshipping at the time, but that was kewl, because he can code like a muthafucka! The group, Renaissance, was formed and made history on the PC demo scene. But like all things, nothing lasts forever. Although Renaissance does not exist anymore, the memories remain, and will forever be part of the lives of each team member. Nowadays, Kenny is slowly working his way up the corporate ladder and taking classes to complete his Bachelor s. Music still remains a passion for him. When things settle down in his life, he will pick up his little Casio synth and once again annoy the hell out of his family and friends! Go Kenny!

We would've edited this down, but since Kenny spent so much time on it we figured we'd offer the whole thing. :)

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