“Tasty, and surprisingly nutritious.”

"Mindcandy Volume 3 proves quite admirably that there's no dearth of talent in private homes around the world, guys (for the most part, anyway) who just like fooling around with their computers and seeing what they can create with them. While there's obviously no real rhyme or reason in terms of a through line on this compilation, there's a lot of staggeringly beautiful imagery and some very nicely done music as well." .. "Recommended."

"Mindcandy is eye and ear candy that makes for excellent high definition demo material. This release is definitely an oddity that won't be for everyone, but I urge you all to broaden your horizons and check it out."


07/2012 issue (Germany)

(English translation) "Purists may argue that it loses something essential - watching a PC running at full speed, running flat-out for a smooth presentation. More prudent minds just like being able to enjoy demo art with little effort in the best quality."

DVD Talk


"This handy combo pack of MindCandy boasts well over ten hours of content on the Blu-Ray alone, and most of it's presented in 720p. Don't worry, though: due to the nature of this content and it's authoring, everything still looks fantastic from start to finish, which makes MindCandy, Volume 3 a unique demo disc for home theater enthusiasts."

Game Developer Magazine

January 2012 issue

"There is no sure fire method of preserving these important parts of our digital culture. At the very least, the demos in the MindCandy series will be preserved at optimum speed and display."


“An absolute steal.”

"I watched the Blu-Ray version on a high definition television and the demos were absolutely stunning. Whether you are looking at abstract shapes and colors or watching virtual worlds unfold before your eyes, you will continually be in awe."

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