Assembly 2011 HD Trailer

2009 Preview

We also have a 30-minute preview available in DVD (MPEG-2, 480i NTSC) format. It features five demos.

Download 30-minute DVD preview (1.7GB total): HTTPFTP

Additional Demo Videos

Here you will find video captures of more demos we couldn't add to the Blu-ray disc, either because they did not make the cut, or copyright issues with the audio or video kept them off. They are available here in the same video format as the demos on the Blu-ray disc. These files (.TS) are playable with VLC or PowerDVD 10 or newer (and possibly others). Or, burn them to BD-R with your favorite movie-authoring software.

828Farbrausch441 MBPouetDownload
A Significant Deformation Near the CraniumKewlers533 MBPouetDownload
Etch-A-SketchCandela155 MBPouetDownload
Fair Play to the QueenCandela142 MBPouetDownload
f07Conspiracy200 MBPouetDownload
GammaOutracks676 MBPouetDownload
Media ErrorCNCD & Fairlight467 MBPouetDownload
Royal Temple BallSynesthetics298 MBPouetDownload
Sandbox PunksCocoon321 MBPouetDownload
The Golden PathUnited Force & Digital Dynamite468 MBPouetDownload