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Rating: Recommended

“ Brimming with creativity and enthusiasm, MindCandy Volume 2: Amiga Demos continues the trend of older technology being pushed to the limit. These 30 demos encompass a good cross-section of programming ingenuity over the past two decades, paying as much respect to earlier efforts as the most recent spectacles. The production team has done a fine job on this DVD (which apparently has been four years in the making), keeping the A/V presentation pure while adding experimental sound mixes and a few interesting playback features. ”

aMiGa=PoWeR (Issue #37, Feb 2007, France) (Link to issue)

(English translation) “ MindCandy 2 is an excellent DVD for all demo freaks, and also for people outside the scene who would like to experience what is technically possible on hardware which is often considered obsolete. And yet, some of these productions stand up to what is released on high-end PCs. The DVD was produced by people who are visibly passionate about what they're doing. I heartily recommend this disk! ”

c't (May 2007 issue, Germany)
(English translation) “ The technical realization is exemplary, the image quality very good. Almost all of the demos were started on original hardware and encoded to MPEG-2 format using different encoders in order to achieve the best possible quality. [...] The only weak point one could possibly mention is the swaying audio quality of the commentary, some of which was recorded via telephone. Overall, MindCandy 2 meets all expectations - even from today's view, it's impressive to see what performance the limited Amiga hardware was capable of.  ”

“ Surprisingly we have to say that the real highlight of this compilation is not the demos, but the the video report about the Breakpoint 2003 demo party. It's simply brilliant, because it shows the tendency, feelings and the enthusiasm of the scene in a perfect way. Awesome work! ”
PAiN (Issue #58, Dec 2006) (Download)

“ Excellent production quality has preserved the magic that is in all these demos. [...] This DVD is, for all intents and purposes, a history of my life in the scene, as told by other people. (Which everyone enjoys a LOT more than listening to me go on and on and off on tangents and things...) ”

“ I'm extremely happy how good the demos look on my old TV, as well as it did on my 32" LCD TV, all I can say, it looks really great. [...] The commentaries are good, especially Trixter really did a great job doing that, it's just a little pity that no more would supply a few minutes commenting their work. Highlight on the commentary is for sure Chaos and Mr Pet of Sanity (Chaos is still active in Farbrausch these days, for those that don't know), nice informative commentary on both their demos. The Black Lotus comments by Kalms were very nice too. ”

“ MindCandy 2 is an excellent DVD for all longtime sceners but also for all people which just want to see what's possible with so called ancient hardware. And of course for everyone who wants just to see some damn fine computer art. The old spirit of pushing the machines limit is still alive on Amiga. It surely brings back nostalgic feelings for many people, especially of course past Amiga owners. ”

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