Jim Leonard (Trixter) (Homepage) (Blog)

Jim "Trixter" Leonard enjoys a life of mundane nerditude, occasionally punctuated by periods in which a few of his 15 minutes of fame are burned up. Since the early 1980s, he's been fascinated by anything that creates artistic mediums where none were meant to exist; since the 1990s, he continually attempts to create them. So it was only natural that in the new millennium, he would try to simultaneously document and hoard them. Such efforts have lead to involvement in the archival demogroup Hornet; founding MobyGames, the world's largest online game database; spearheading the MindCandy DVD projects with Dan Wright; and creating the colossal waste of time 8088 Corruption. Jim enjoys playing the game Real Life™ in Illinois, USA with his wife and two sons.
Andy Voss (Phoenix) (Blog)

Andy Voss, using the handle "Phoenix" on computers since childhood, grew fascinated by demos, and the scene culture they inspired, through the 1990s. Although his creative skills were limited mostly to tracker music, he studied demos like an ancient art and helped preserve and recover them for various projects. Having the unfortunate luck of growing up without an Amiga, Andy was overjoyed when emulation on PCs became possible in the mid 90s. After releasing his collection of demo MODs on a website called Demodulate, Andy took on the challenge of rebuilding some of these four-channel treasures into 5.1 channel surround sound, without changing them too much and angering Amiga purists. He misses his tracking days, but is more than satisfied with his graphics design work for the DVD package and the website you are viewing right now. :)
Jeremy Williams (Blue 7 Media) (Homepage)

After stumbling upon Dan's seminal demo ftp site in 1992, Jeremy was hooked. He would become known campus-wide as the guy with the coolest "screensavers". From 1996-1998 he ran the PC Demo Fan Club web site where he shared opinions about the scene and introduced newcommers to it. Though that site has since falling into obscurity, the Demographics featurette on this DVD is a natural extention of Jeremy's unexplainable need to connect with regular people about the demo scene, and convince them it's the coolest thing in the history of the universe.

This time around, Jeremy not only did the featurette (listen to the commentary, BTW), but the DVD authoring and most of the menu tricks as well.

Dan Wright (Pallbearer) (Homepage)

Dan Wright first discovered demos around 1986 on his Commodore C-128 (in C-64 emulation mode of course). During the late 80's he created several C-64 demos that can be found on his Fusecon web page if you look in the right place. Dan caught a glimpse of his first "real" PC demo, Fishtro, during Spring of 1992. That summer he created the "Internet Demo Site" which later became known as Hornet. A couple years later, he released the first mixed-mode CD for the demoscene, called "Escape". This was followed up with a two CD release (audio/data) called "Freedom" (1995) and an audio CD co-produced with Imphobia called "audiophonik" (1999), containing songs from scene musicians. In 2002, Dan assisted with the financing, booklet art, and business aspect of producing the MindCandy Volume 1: PC Demos. He also has the laborious task of packaging and mailing all the DVD's. Dan currently lives in Oregon with his wife and son, spending the majority of his time pestering the wife. With the launch of MC2, Dan is now looking forward to visiting the post office many times over the next few months.
Art & Music
Antti Jädertpolm (Fthr) (Homepage)

Antti "fthr" Jädertpolm was invited to join the controversial "The Planet Of Leather Moomins" movement as the 2nd member back in 1995. From there on he has produced visual material (demographics, experimental screenplays, cardboard animals) for TPOLM with a unique style that has sometimes been compared to Leonard Cohen's 1977 album "Death Of A Ladies' Man". Currently living in a place that can be vaguely described as "Europe", Antti continues to supply companies, organisations, individuals and DemoDVD makers with psychosurreal digital collages that are sure to distract the targetted audience from the real meaning.
Arto Koivisto (Little Bitchard) (Homepage)

Arto started tracking on Amiga early 1992, but only got seriously involved with the demoscene a bit over five years later at the end of 1997. To date he has contributed sounds, music or mixing/production to over 50 demo, intro and wild releases and released several hundreds of personal entries both compo and non-compo (for FUN!) under various nicknames with Little Bitchard being the most well-known out of these. With his daytime job revolving around electronics maintenance/servicing, Arto also enjoys building electronic instruments and gadgets.
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Special Thanks

Even more people than those above contributed to this DVD project. We must give our gratitude to those who appeared or contributed footage to the featurette, who helped spread word of the project, or who just gave us much needed motivation and moral support. They include but are not limited to:

Tools and resources

Neil Casini (Vanquish) & Z5, Jay Vidheecharoen, Alex Evans (Statix), Ed Bravo, Ville Jouppi, Stefan Scharfenberg, Mano & Fizick, Ian Luck

Additional support and thanks

M.C. Battilana (Cloanto), Yann Hamiaux & Stephane Martel, Mattias Ziegs (Maz), Vincent Joguin, Jason Scott, Pim van Mun (Stony), Zone, Mattias Dahlberg, Jussi Laakkonen (Abyss) & ASMOrg, MicroCinema, everyone who contributed audio commentary, everyone we put in front of a camera at Breakpoint '03, and those of you with any excitement left after having to wait four years! :)

Dedicated in memory of our fellow Hornet alum, and good friend, Ben "Diablo" Shelton.