Featured Demos

Here are all 30 demos featured on MindCandy Volume 2: Amiga Demos. We have added links to the original files for your downloading convenience. Of course, if you still have one or more running Amigas, you probably already have most of them. The first 12 demos will run on a plain, classic Amiga 500. The rest will require an A1200 or better with AGA graphics and at least a 68020 CPU (preferably a 68030 or 040). Lapsuus and Silkcut will require the highest end Amiga CPU, a 68060. Fate Fits Karma is unique; it requires a PowerPC add-on board.

The rest of you can still check out the demos through emulators. That's right, we're saying you can just watch these on your PC instead of buying the DVD, but MindCandy is much more convenient, and free of emulator bugs :). We recommend WinUAE for Windows, although there are ports of UAE for other platforms as well. Unfortunately, they've yet to emulate PPC, so Fate Fits Karma is out. As you can see, the demos come packed in two formats: DMS and LHA. A DMS is a floppy disk image, and WinUAE will open it directly. LHA is an archive format, like ZIP, which is most popular on Amiga. Many modern archive apps support LHA (or LZH, which is the same). For emulators, these must be extracted inside a hard drive image or to your virtual HD directory.

TitleGroupDownload (File Size)
Megademo Red Sector Inc. HTTP (US) (1.25 MB)
Mental Hangover Scoopex HTTP (US) (0.31 MB)
Enigma Phenomena HTTP (US) (0.46 MB)
Voyage Razor 1911 HTTP (US) (0.53 MB)
Hardwired Silents & Crionics HTTP (US) (1.26 MB)
Human Target Melon Dezign HTTP (US) (0.30 MB)
World of Commodore Sanity HTTP (US) (0.49 MB)
State of the Art Spaceballs HTTP (US) (0.64 MB)
Desert Dream Kefrens HTTP (US) (0.82 MB)
Groovy Lemon. HTTP (US) (0.37 MB)
242 Virtual Dreams (Fairlight) HTTP (US) (0.58 MB)
9 Fingers Spaceballs HTTP (US) (1.57 MB)
Arte Sanity HTTP (US) (0.78 MB)
Friday At Eight Polka Brothers HTTP (US) (0.33 MB)
Love Virtual Dreams (Fairlight) HTTP (US) (1.56 MB)
Nexus 7 Andromeda HTTP (US) (0.76 MB)
Deep - The Psilocybin Mix CNCD & Parallax HTTP (US) (1.58 MB)
Closer CNCD HTTP (US) (2.28 MB)
Tint The Black Lotus HTTP (US) (4.55 MB)
Sumea Virtual Dreams (Fairlight) HTTP (US) (2.33 MB)
Captured Dreams The Black Lotus HTTP (US) (4.45 MB)
Killer CNCD HTTP (US) (2.88 MB)
Relic Nerve Axis HTTP (US) (2.58 MB)
Smokebomb Ozone HTTP (US) (3.09 MB)
Klone Dual Crew - Shining HTTP (US) (2.31 MB)
Concrete Ephidrena HTTP (US) (1.75 MB)
Perfect Circle The Black Lotus HTTP (US) (5.16 MB)
Lapsuus Maturefurk HTTP (US) (4.52 MB)
Fate Fits Karma MadWizards HTTP (US) (9.72 MB)
Silkcut The Black Lotus HTTP (US) (12.63 MB)
Total Time - 3h 08m